Brown: British Legion Abroad


A record of Sir John Brown's visits to Europe as part of British Legion delegations.





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Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

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The film shows a series of visits by members of the British Legion. They meet local people waving flags and banners and old soldiers of various nationalities. Some are first world war veterans and others carry banner commemorating the First Balkan War (1912-13). During the film we see views taken from a train and a welcome in the Serbian/Bulgarian border town of Dragoman. There are views of a large city which is likely to be Sofia and towards the end we see views on the street in France or Belgium and finally shots taken from a ferry leaving Ostend in Belgium and crossing the Channel with a final shot of the Goodwin Sands marker as England is sighted.


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Sir John Brown was the chairman of the British Legion from 1930 to 1934. It is likely that this reel shows a visit by the British Legion to the Balkans which took place in June 1936. Sir John Brown was part of this visit that was led by the then national chairman Major F.W.C. Fetherston-Godley. The early sections in this film may have been shot in Yugoslavia.