All in a Day


A day in the life of a family living in Brattleby, Lincolnshire shot by Christopher Whitcombe in 1952.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

Master format:



At 6.30 'mum' wakes up. 'Dad' is woken with a cup of tea. Mum then feeds 'baby' in the kitchen and then dresses her and brushes her hair. Mum then gets herself ready for the day at a dressing table. Baby is left in the garden in a pram to sleep. Mum is then seen shaking a duster out of an upstairs window, vacuum cleaning, peeling potatoes, feeding the dog and then attending to baby who has woken up. She pegs out washing, washes the dog, takes a walk with baby and dog passing St Cuthbert's church at Brattleby and posts a letter. She then drives into Lincoln and en route we see Miles's Garage in Aisthorpe and St John the Baptist church at Scampton. In Lincoln we see the exterior of the Boots store. Dad chops down undergrowth using a scythe and is then given a drink by mum whilst sitting in a deckchair. The film ends with mum comically collapsing into a deckchair after a busy day.


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